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The Burger Shack Story

The Valley's 1st Stuffed Burger!

The Valley's newest burger concept. The Burger Shack's STUFFED burgers are unique in that the delicious ingredients are stuffed in the beef.  Our 94% lean beef is naturally raised on open-range pastures, without using any steroid implants or antibiotics. It is safer and healthier for consumers because it is not the usual white fat-laced beef purchased from the grocery stores.  Our beef is high-quality, triple ground, and no fat or additives.  When we say, ALL NATURAL, we mean it!  Fresh. Simple. Honest.

A Brief Shack History

It all started with a drive looking for a delicious, fresh and healthy burger.  I couldn’t find a high-quality burger anywhere, so it got me thinking about how many other people may be having the same problem.  If I couldn’t find a great burger, I guess I would just have to make one myself.  After months of research and planning, the idea for The Burger Shack was developed.  With a passion of using local vendors and high-quality ingredients, it was natural to add a wide variety of comfort foods into the mix.  Now that we created the perfect burger, it was time to design a unique environment with an atmosphere unlike any other.  This concept was so new and exciting, I had to pursue it.  So in July 2010, The Burger Shack was established and the feedback has been great!
The Burger Shack

Shack Says :

Happiness is a warm burger.










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2011 North 1st Ave
Whitehall PA 18052

Monday thru Saturday
10:30am - 8:00pm
Closed Sundays

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